Edition One


Perhaps the human voice is the most outward show of the uniqueness of our species amongst the trillions of others that inhabit Planet Earth. Primarily a utility, the human voice could be considered the most important piece of tech we have at our command. Technologies change, develop and improve; so too will our voices.

Due to this technology; we reshape human desires, our psyche and even the human body. We use the voice as the most natural and intuitive way to interact with our devices, apps, and intelligent systems. By the time the first people arrive on the Red Planet, machines will really talk back – capable of communicating complex and emotionally rich thoughts. A real voice. And as we are influenced by our environment; the way the computer uses their voice to talk to us will, in turn, change human voices. On Mars, the human voice may appear in a different shape and form altogether. A universal super language will probably evolve; a strong and efficient network used by Martians in their day-to-day conversations. A voice that is the same for everybody. A voice that is no longer confined to the body but also lives inside our computers. Perhaps it manifests as an energy field, capable of dialling up and down its own frequency, floating freely as we establish the first human settlements. Unlike our bodies, which will be imprisoned in our suits and unable to exist without their fragile protection. Maybe It will be our friend. Maybe It will live on its own. The natural voice will not become obsolete but instead something we treasure, a unique and authentic island of character in a sea of ubiquity. An instrument used only in our most intimate interactions. A sound so precious it becomes a currency on its own.