Edition Two


Digital death is ubiquitous. A deleted WhatsApp chat history. Obsolete technology once considered social mainstays. Live-streamed suicide.

Mistress Death is at the centre of every network and eco-system. Accompanied by her own set of custom rituals and traditions that revolve around the moment of passing, the afterlife, or the disposal of the diseased. Rituals marking the passage from one state to another. A symbolic change of condition, marking the birth of something new or the transition into something more evolved.   Through digital, the speed of Death amplifies. She no longer has to hide behind a black veil, rather she sits in plain sight. A strike on an electrical grid shutting down a city. Hacking of government actions. Cyberwar. The aiding and abetting of terrorism through media publicity.   Death sits astride social media platforms. The inevitable end of social media profiles and connections. Memorialised accounts to keep alive the memory of deceased people or relationships. Block him . Hide her. Subtle rituals and traditions, finding their way in digital communication and experiences.   A world where Death reaches its full potential is inevitable as original ideas and inspiration dry up. If we living learn how to give her a warmer embrace; we will spark conversation, innovation, education and even celebration.   In marketing and art, the most powerful narratives capitalise on cultural values, tensions, and collective ideologies. Death demands to be positioned in the centre of this context. To be liked, copied and shared. Mistress Death demands immortality.